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  1. Working from home DOES work!

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    A few weeks ago now, we read an article stating that Boris Johnson had come out against working from home – see news article. This started a conversation in our office with everyone sharing their own opinions, so we quickly asked the guys to put their thoughts in to a few sentences and posted them on our LinkedIn.


    In light of the recent news from The Netherlands making working from home a legal right we thought we’d share again what Team STEM had to say on the matter – and with Scotland seeing the biggest rise in people working from home, could we be next?


    Working from home DOES work! STEM Recruitment Solutions were early adopters of a work from home lifestyle. As experts in the field, we asked our consultants how they feel about working from home:


    “Having the flexibility to work from home or in the office is a great benefit and provides a good work-life balance. I feel productivity has increased, and with no travel involved, can get my head down with no distractions. Working in the office is also important for interaction with colleagues and keeping that ‘team vibe’ going.” – Sharon Boyd

    “I honestly prefer working from the office with STEM. I really enjoy the atmosphere and find it much easier to communicate with the team face to face and to respond quickly to changing situations. On the other hand being able to mix up my schedule and never miss important events with the family is something I would never want to give up. This was one of the key policies we introduced when we set up STEM and everyone has benefitted from this since day one.” – Gavin Gallimore

    “As a working parent, WFH has allowed me the flexibility of both working from the office and engaging with the team, whilst being present for my family as and when I need to be. I thoroughly enjoy hybrid work, and the interaction of an office environment, plus the support from my peers. However, being offered remote working throughout the week has maintained a structure which was imperative to my personal situation.” – Nikita Pennie

    “I really think it is beneficial to work from home a couple of days per week as you can focus more and be more productive due to less distractions. I can also spend less time commuting in busy traffic getting to work, so less stress!” – Debbie Watson

    “No distractions = more productive!” – Andrea Pluddemann

    “I prefer to have a hybrid working approach. I feel at home I get more work done as I don’t have many distractions (except from the occasional postman). My dog likes me better for it too and I can be more active at home on my lunch breaks. In the office, there is a great atmosphere and a lot of team bonding even if it’s just making a coffee together. Being in the office also offers morale boosts as you can see the excitement with new clients and placements!” – Kayleigh McLeish

    Don’t get us wrong, we love seeing the beautiful faces of our team in the office. However what we love even more is seeing and hearing these positive impacts of a WFH/hybrid approach! We can see how this has positively impacted our business through our results too; we are growing year on year!

    What do you think about working from home after the past 2 years? Let us know!